Work & Divorce: Vocational Evaluation

in Family Law

Betty Kohlenberg, M.S., CRC, ABVE-D


The first book outlining the essentials of how vocational evaluations are conducted in family law, to set spousal support and help divorcing spouses with career decisions.


How much support will I get or have to pay after my divorce? This helpful and unbiased guide to the use of vocational evaluations in family laws helps divorcing couples and their attorneys answer this question.


Vocational evaluations clarify what a person can earn, so that they can realistically decide the amount of spousal and child support.


The author, a vocational expert who has conducted more than 1000 vocational evaluations of divorcing parties, describes the vocational evaluation process and addresses special issues such as health, disability, age, childcare, and cultural differences. She discusses controversial topics such as motivation and interests,and addresses the approach to collaborative divorce and the assessment of self-employment and job search.


Contents of Work & Divorce

  • ONE      What a Vocational Evaluation Is, and What It Can Do

  • TWO     The Vocational Evaluator

  • THREE  Starting the Vocational Evaluation

  • FOUR    The Vocational Evaluation Process

  • FIVE      Assessing Earning Capacity

  • SIX        Assessing Ability to Work – Special Issues I

                    (Ability to work - health and disability)

  • SEVEN  Assessing Ability to Work – Special Issues II

                    (Age, working and childcare, childcare costs, cultural


  • EIGHT   Demonstrating Opportunity to Work

  • NINE     Motivation and Cooperation

  • TEN       Vocational Services in Collaborative Divorces



Betty Kohlenberg has been conducting family law evaluations for almost 35 years and is often called upon by both sides of the case and the Superior Court judges to function as their accepted expert.  As an expert witness, Betty Kohlenberg has testified in the Superior Courts in nine California counties and for Federal courts.


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