Personal one-on-one assistance in choosing an appropriate job goal, based on personality, values, skills and abilities

  • Practical advice on job availability and salaries


  • Job search coaching for a structured and effective job hunt


  • Counseling for job transitions and salary negotiations


  • Assistance in writing resumes, cover letters and handling references


  • Job interviewing training and practice
  • Information about training resources and schools
  • Evaluation of self-employment options
  • Specialization in job histories with gaps, health problems and other difficulties

Career counseling answers common career questions

  • What can I do with my skills?

  • I don’t feel like I have any skills.  What can I do?

  • I haven’t worked in so long.  How can I re-enter the workplace?

  • Are there any jobs out there?

  • I’ve always had problems with jobs; what’s wrong and how can I do better?

  • Can you help me write my resume?

  • Am I too old or too young to be hired?

  • How can I explain the gap in my work history?

  • I was fired.  Will anyone ever hire me again?

  • I’ve been looking for work for six months.  What do I have to do to get a job?



I'm afraid no one will hire me!


I want to say yet again how much I appreciate what you've done.Three months ago, when I tried to write a resume and contemplated interviews, it all seemed overwhelming - an undoable, despairing task.  Now, everything seems possible.

Thank you.   MJ




Dear Betty,

In case you haven’t heard, I was offered a perfect position with the **** Center.  This occurred, in large part, due to your information, and most importantly, the role-plays. This position was the first interview I had after a successful role-play we did together. You have no idea how much that session served to bolster my self-esteem and be successful. You are incredible. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,TG

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