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Vocational Evaluation: Standards of Practice in California Family Law


Aware that there are no published standards for the vocational evaluations performed by mandate of the California Family Law Code, the members of BAVE have created a guide to ensure a consistent vocational evaluation process and provide a basis for understanding vocational evaluation services.The standards are based on California Law, case law, the input of judges and attorneys, and the collective experience of the members of BAVE. 


BAVE members are qualified to evaluate parties in family law cases according to the definition of Vocational Training Counselor in Family Law Code §4331(d) and (e).


BAVE’s members are:


  • Betty Kohlenberg, M.S., CRC, ABVE (editor)

  • Marlis Bruns, M.A., ABVE 

  • Robert Cottle, Ed.D., CRC, ABVE

  • Rachel Hawk, M.S., CRC, ABVE

  • Susan W. Miller, M.A., NCC, ABVE, CVE

  • Sandra Schuster, M.P.A., CRC, CCM, ABVE

  • Susan Stevenson, M.S., NBCC, ABVE (retired)

  • Lisa Trustin, M.A., ABVE





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                Thank you for your generosity with respect to sharing the methodology utilized by members of the BAVE.  I have always wondered about the protocol for marital dissolution and your document explains it perfectly.  Bravo to yourself and the other members of BAVE for making this a cogent, understandable, and easily explainable methodology. 


Kindest regards,


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