Vocational Evaluation in
Family Law (Divorce) cases
  • Earning capacity to set spousal support


  • Labor market research

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I have a second interview for the job I want and I’m ready.  I now have faith in myself because you had faith in me.  It’s made a huge difference in my life.


Thank you,



Betty Kohlenberg, M.S., CRC, ABVE-D,

offers vocational evaluation expertise and career counseling services

in the San Francisco Bay Area

You had faith in me...

Dear Betty,


Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into our case… extreme professionalism… very knowledgeable… conscientious and diligent in your work.  Moreover, your testimony and demeanor at trial were terrific.


We look forward to working with you on future cases.


Very truly yours,


Your testimony...at trial...terrific
  • Find the right job for you based on personality, values, skills and abilities


  • Get practical advice on what jobs are available and what you can earn


  • Learn how to look for work


  • Get help in writing resumes, cover letters and handling references


  • Learn how to interview and what to say - and not say

Career Counseling

Betty Kohlenberg shares best practices and insights to help you understand and manage vocational evaluations in family law. Find answers to your questions about earning capacity, opportunity to work, and ability to work - all the factors in the Family Code on Support.

Work & Divorce: Vocational Evaluation in Family Law 

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WORK & DIVORCE: Vocational Evaluation in Family Law



Please note that I have retired and am no longer accepting forensic vocational evaluation cases.  

Please inquire for career counseling services,

which are still available

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